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Reel Critics: A rugged and inspiring ‘Trail’


Review of Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo


Award Winning Film Crew Visits SABAH




International Film Festival Awards 



Friday, April 26, 6.00pm  Lido Regency Theater



“Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo” movie review by Emmy winner, Ben Zarai:

Very often, documentaries are informative, but it’s rare to find one with this much heart. Dusty’s Trail personally connects with you from the first frame, and envelops you in this family’s story: their joys, their struggles, and their incredible determination. In one hour, by the time they’ve reached the summit of the mountain, you feel like you’ve made the journey with them, and that they’re a part of your life. With one in 3,500 boys around the world born with this fatal disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy is something everyone should be aware of. Dusty’s Trail gives you not just objective awareness, but emotional awareness that will change the way you see these kids, and change you as a person.


Minneapolis Film Festival

Minneapolis/St Paul International Film Festival

Tuesday, April 16, 7.00pm  St Anthony Main Theater



“Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo” movie review by Producer at Hu-Man Element Productions, Ian Wallace.

Dusty’s Trail is a labor of love in its purest form. It stands as a testament to the mother and son bond between Catherine and Dusty. The film eases viewers into an understanding of the genetic disorder, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and how it affects the lives of boys and their families. We’re granted an intimate look inside Dusty’s household and can better empathize with him after seeing how he must deal with the mundanities of daily life. With informative testimonials from scientific researchers, and anecdotes from other mothers, the film efficiently paints the broader outlook of the disorder – where it stems from, how treatment research is progressing, and the eye-opening breadth of the affected population. Clever cutting leaves a lasting impression, such as the match-cuts in a scene where we meet a Bornean boy with Duchenne and learn that he must be carried and handled in almost the exact same manner as Dusty, half a world away. The editorial pacing keeps audience engagement high while still allowing times for the film to slow down and savor the moment – whether it be sitting down to listen to a traditional Bornean folk song or a stroll down the boardwalk in Newport Beach. These simple, slower moments can have just as much impact as the climactic summiting of Mount Kinabalu. They remind the viewer that Duchenne robs young men not only of many of the milestones of life, but also these easily overlooked pleasures. Dusty is truly remarkable in his positive outlook and a perfect icon for this movement. His zest for life is written with his ever-present smile. He and his mother know that even if a cure cannot come soon enough for Dusty, their efforts will aid in the lives of thousands of other boys around the world. I highly recommend witnessing this journey for yourself.


St Tropez Film Festival

St Tropez International Film Festival

May 16-18th, South of France

Best Feature Documentary

Best Foreign Documentary

Best Editing of a Feature Film


“Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo” movie review by Matt Vujovich

This documentary is a beautiful story chronicaling the amazing journey of a family who is making the best out of a life altering and life threatening condition. The humility, courage, passion and love that lives within this family is well documented througout this eloquently shared story. The documentary is beautifully filmed and edited which allows you to share their journey to the summit, become passionate about the chase for a cure for Duchenne and be inspired to love unconditionally to live life to the fullest. Absolutley one of the best films I have seen in a long time.


International Film Festival, Environment, health, Culture

International Film Festival

Environment. Health. Culture, Jakarta, Indonesia

Award of Excellence

May 9th, 2013




 “Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo” movie review by Mindy Cameron

Dusty’s Trail is a masterpiece in the way that it tells the story of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy from a global perspective. You will leave the theater glad that you met Dusty, his family, his friends, and other people on the front lines fighting Duchenne. I walk alongside Dusty and Cath on a similar path, as my son also has Duchenne. Their story inspires me every day and it will inspire you too!


Kota Kinabalu film festival

Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival

Sabah, Malaysia

June 8th, 2013




“Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo” movie review by US Expedition Mt Kinabalu climber, Ian Henderson.

Dusty’s Trail is a masterpiece to say the least. i have the honor to personally know the makers of the film: Andy, Chuck, Allen, and the woman that started it all, Cath Jayasuriya. Her dream is to spread knowledge of this disease that cripples her son, Dusty and thousands of other boys worldwide, and ultimately find a cure for Duchenne. the films spans across a timeline from Dusty’s birth to his state now. it brought tears to my eyes to watch the hardships that he and his family had to go through over the years. however, they persevered. They never gave up on Dusty. The movie also goes through many interviews with doctors that specialize in the field of different types of muscular dystrophy. it gives me hope to know how much closer they are to finding a cure to this horrible disease. The film also documents Coalition Duchenne’s annual climb of Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, where 62 international climbers from 14 countries grouped together to trek the 13,455 ft. mountain. i had the honor of being a part of that and it was life changing. this movie will open up your eyes to the horrors of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but will also inspire you and give you hope that somewhere out there, there is a cure waiting to be found, so boys like Dusty can walk among us once again.



  SilentRiver-OfficialSelection2013-white textSilent River Film Festival

  Irvine, California

  October 18th, 2013






 Gig Harbor Film Festival

 Gig Harbor, Washington

 October 19th, 2013






 Red Rock Film Festival

 Hurricane, Utah

 November 6th, 2013